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Monkey Fist Survival Blog

  • Four Ways to Increase Your Self-Defense Odds

    We're all vulnerable to the various threats we have in this world everyday, particularly that of human malevolence. That's why you can never go wrong with being prepared at all times. It all begins with situational awareness. Let's talk about four things along those lines that can surely amp up your self-defense odds.

  • 7 Everyday Items You Can Use For Self-Defense

    Even if you take super careful steps, you can’t avoid bad things from happening. Sometimes, another human being’s malice is responsible for putting your life at risk. With that in mind, let’s list some everyday items you can use to defend yourself.

  • 6 Ways to Take Control of Your Future

    We live in uncertain times and self-sufficiency goes a long way. That said, it's better to prepare sooner than later. Be prepared and have better control over the future that could present unknown levels of difficulty.

    Let's talk about a few things that you can start doing today. 

  • 6 Basic Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

    In an era of hyperconnectivity, we have seemingly disconnected with nature as we grow accustomed to the mechanisms of modern technology. Start educating yourself with how the world used to thrive before it became too riddled with automation and outsourcing. Disaster-proof yourself by learning some survival skills.

  • 11 Essential Items For Your Survival Kit

    Every survivalist knows the value of thinking in terms of worst-case scenarios. Not to be mistaken with being pessimistic, of course.

    A type of mindset that prepares for the worst will certainly serve you well when going for a hike or when S actually does HTF.

    With that in mind, we list down 11 essential items that will determine your odds for survival.
  • 9 Self-Defense Pressure Points You Should Know About

    There are different areas in the human body that when touched or stimulated in a certain way, can bring sudden pain or discomfort. And knowing a ...
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