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6 Ways to Take Control of Your Future

We live in uncertain times and self-sufficiency goes a long way. That said, it's better to prepare sooner than later.

Let's talk about six things you can start doing today in order to have a better grasp of a future that could be riddled with uncertainties.

Grow Your Own Food

Aside from saving money on groceries, you can also improve your family's health by getting them to eat more fruits and veggies. On top of that, garden raised food are safer and more nutrient-dense since you're not using pesticides and only allowing them to ripen organically.

Preserve Your Own Food

You can never go wrong with prolonging the shelf-life of food items. Preserved foods come in handy during situations that could prevent you from going to the store.

Trade and Barter

A time might come where money will hold no value. So if you have something you no longer use, someone else might consider trading it with you for something you need.

Both parties are happy!

Cook from Scratch

In a disaster that forces you to escape from home, you'll need all the natural energy you can get. When you cook from scratch, you control the ingredients rather than rely on pre-made grocery or convenience store meals that contain a lot of preservatives.

You can also pick out any items that could trigger allergies, prevent medical emergencies, and save money along the way!

Save Your Own Seed

When you save seeds from your best performing plants, you are also savings its culture. This enables you to setup another homestead in a location with the same type of soil under a similar climate in situations that will force you to move from your current residence.

There is a sense of relief in knowing that wherever you go, you can grow... your own food.

Become Self-Sufficient

Being able to rely on yourself for setting up shelter and growing food or foraging is key to survival. Self-reliance means you're capable of protecting your family and providing for them.

Ultimately, you're setting an example to your offspring, thus increasing the survival odds of the next generation.

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