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6 Basic Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

In an era of hyperconnectivity, we have seemingly disconnected with nature as we grow accustomed to the mechanisms of modern technology. While automations have proven to be useful, there is one huge downside: They mostly rely on the electric grid. And when the grid shuts down, so does everything that's built around its foundations.

That is only one of many reasons why survival skills are highly valuable. Just imagine how hard it would be to be forced into a situation where you have zero access to everything you've been relying on such as grocery stores, hospitals, mobile devices you use for GPS, Uber and food delivery services, etc.

In other words, we may not be as independent as we believe to be. Being an adult definitely does not automatically make us self-reliant individuals, especially in a world that babies us with all of its cool and convenient offerings. Outsourcing is definitely one thing we have been doing without realizing it.

Now more than ever, it's time we become aware of how handicapped we truly are and swear by becoming truly self-sufficient individuals.

And yes, do enjoy all of the modern conveniences while they're still around, but never assume that everything stays dandy because that might cease to be true at some point.

For that reason, start educating yourself with how the world used to thrive before it became too riddled with automation and outsourcing. Connect with your ancestral roots and learn about survival skills. Develop yours while there is still time... for when SHTF.

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