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4 Items You Can't Go Camping Without

The whole idea behind camping is to get away from the modern world and explore nature, but sometimes leaving the comforts of home is not always easy.

Here are some portable items we recommend you don't go without to make your next camping experience more enjoyable.

1. Portable Water Purifier Filter

Clean drinking water is an absolute must for survival in the wild! Be more than prepared with this powerful Water Purifier Filter!

It will make rivers or lakes safe to drink from and significantly lowers your risk of getting sick.

Also, it will give water a better taste and smell. Never worry about dehydration again! Drink anywhere, anytime! 

2. Multi-Function Hammer Hatchet Tool

Made of high carbon stainless steel, this multifunctional tool includes a hammer, sawtooth, screwdriver, and a bottle opener. This lightweight item is great to have on a camping trip. 

3. Portable Survival Wood Stove

Stoves and fuel are usually among the heavier and bulkier items on any adventurer's packing list. It doesn't have to be this way.

This lightweight stove not only burns the twigs and branches you find lying around camp, it also flattens making it very easy to pack.

There is no fuel to carry. Don't worry about having to pack a bulky stove. Pack this stove instead. 

4. Survival Pocket Chain Saw

The chainsaw is a very useful item on a camping trip, but let's face it, it certainly not the most portable item.

This pocket chain saw is easy to carry and is made of a high tensile strength of ferromanganese.

Its serrated edge is sharp enough to cut down a tree, but its smooth top does not hurt your hands. Use this to saw broken branches, wood, plastic, rubber, and soft metal.

This survival pocket chain saw can easily be carried in your pocket without damaging your clothes. It is highly durable and made to last. 

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