Xcaper Fire Escape Mask

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Smoke is more deadly than fire. Swirling smoke carries chemical-coated particles and harmful gasses. Inhaling these toxins causes suffocation and death ahead of the fire.

The revolutionary Xcaper Emergency Mask delivers unparalleled protection by absorbing hazardous toxins including Carbon Monoxide and nearly 100% of particulate matter common to smoke from fires.

This is the same mask used and endorsed by professional firefighters.

The moisturizing agent, an all natural plant extract, makes the mask feel moist to the touch, and allows for easy breathing. (The lime green filter in the image shows contents of the foil bag.)

Independent laboratory tests show that the Xcaper Filter filters particulate matter down to 3/10th of one micron and most gases including Carbon Monoxide.

The moistening agent (gel) is an odorless and tasteless all-natural plant extract, with an increased viscosity for enhanced breathability.

An antibacterial agent is added to the gel to ensure each filter's freshness. Field tests by wildland fire fighters show that the filtering agent will not steam in a burn-over situation.

The Xcaper filter cloth has a special weave for easier breathing and is made of 100% polyester that passes the California 117E flammability test (direct flame for 38 seconds with no ignition).

A Hydrolon finish promotes the wicking of moisture off the wearer's face. The filter medium that allows each filter to fit every face is an expanded polystyrene bead.

Field-testing and used by over 40,000 firefighters during the last four fire seasons shows that this state-of-the-art filtration system protects your lungs from most of the hazards found in smoke.