Four Winter Prepping Tips for Children and Pets

Getting yourself ready for the winter season can be an ordeal.

Getting your other family members especially your children or your pet animal ready for the cold season can be an additional task especially if you do not know exactly where to start.

We have laid a few guidelines to make winter prepping for your children and pets a bit easier than it should be.


child and dog playing in the snow

Children and pets; though quite different, have so many similarities when it comes to their needs.

They will both require your special care and attention simply because most of the time they will not be able to do it for themselves.

Any extreme weather condition, like high temperature during summer or the freezing cold of the winter will surely put them at high risks of stress that can only be prevented with your preparedness and attention to details.

Winter prepping for your children and pets is a must to ensure their survival through these extremely cold situations.

For children, here are a few tips on how we can prepare them for winter survival:


They enjoy playing outside with their friends and families making them at high risk of frostbite. It's ideal to make sure your children wear more than 1 layer of clothing and make sure their head, neck and hands are properly covered. Scarves may look nice, but it puts them at a higher risk of choking so better choose an alternative for it.


keeping children warm in the snow

Wearing thick and layered clothing is one step, but so is making sure that what they wear is also dry. If you notice that their clothing is already soaking wet, let them back in the house and have a change of clothes.
Pets can require more attention simply because they can't communicate the way us humans do, even children. And we should really pay attention to their body language to make sure that they survive the winter season. Their cold weather survival highly depends on us. Here are some of the things we can do to ensure their safety.


super cute twin dogs in the snow

To simply put it, a dog with a thick fur such as huskies have higher chance of surviving the cold than a pug or a Doberman.

If going outside is really necessary, it would be best to invest in a thick coat for your beloved cat or dog.


cute pug with snow boots

Part of making sure that roads are passable during the winter season is thawing ice.

One of the things they use for that is salt which can be very bad for your pet dog's paws.

It’s a good idea to just keep them indoors or invest in good booties to protect them.

tabby cat drinking water to stay hydrated during winter

One thing that we also need to remember for our children and pet's cold weather survival is to always keep them hydrated.

This is vital for their own body to regulate its temperature while making sure all the pointers above are followed for their full protection.

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