8 Prepper Mistakes To Avoid

Being an efficient prepper is never an easy feat. Rogue Preparedness talks about some mistakes that can be avoided in order to become better at prepping.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been doing this for a long time, these are things we can all try to avoid in pursuit of becoming better preppers.

Mistake #1: Shiny Object Syndrome

Whether you’re just starting to get involved or have been prepping for a long time, there are tons of gear out there that people will make you think are necessary.

“You got to have this gear”, and sometimes it can be totally out of your price range.

But this person said that I have to have it.

So, you get all this gear and then you realize, “I don’t actually want this gear.”

“I want something else.”

As a result, you’re going to spend more money to get something that you really want.

Rogue Preparedness suggests that you make a list of everything you want and do plenty of research on what exactly will be best for YOUR needs, not what everybody else is telling you to get.

She adds that it helps to check reviews online of all the different kinds of gear that you’re looking at and decide what’s going to be best for you.

Mistake #2: Avoiding Skills and Focusing on Gear

This is something that a lot of newbie preppers do because it’s the building the bugout bag, it’s the building the kits. You know, building all these things that have a lot of gear.

But then you just avoid the skills.

You avoid the fire making skills.

The wild edible skills.

"I feel like every time I do some sort of skill video, it’s not very popular because preppers love to focus on gear – and I get it." (Direct Quote From Rogue Preparedness)

Who doesn't love buying new gear?

Rogue remarks, "But you can have all the gear in the world and without the skills that go along with it, you could be setting yourself up for a disaster."

Mistake #3: Relying Only on Food Storage

So, you have a certain amount of food storage.

What are you going to do after a certain period of time if your food storage is starting to run out and you have nothing?

You have no way to garden.

No way to trap small game.

No way to fish.

No ways to find some sort of a sustenance, wild edibles, whatever it is.

Again, this kind of goes along with all that.

You want to be practicing those skills of obtaining food sources outside of your food storage.

Mistake #4: Many People Plan to Just Bug Out

"I think it can kind of go both ways."

Some people would plan to just bug in and I think that’s a mistake, too.

But in this world where bugging out is so glorified, it seems like bugging out is the only option for every single disaster emergency.

Whether it’s right at your home or not, everybody just tells you to bug out.

That’s not realistic. It’s not true.

There are times to bug in, there are times to bug out.

We need to have the appropriate disaster plans to deal with either bugging in or bugging out depending on the situations.

Mistake #5: Not Testing Gear

This is a huge one, a mistake that we see so often.

Testing your gear should be one of those things you need to do every time you get a new prep.

Before you decide to throw it in your preps or to actually decide that you’re going to rely on this for bugging in or bugging out for whatever purposes, actually test it and see how it works.

Because it could come down to an emergency or a disaster where you have to draw this piece of gear and thought it was going to be the easiest thing ever to use and now it’s super complicated.

Now it’s turned into this whole big thing when you should be focusing on the emergency disaster, not on figuring out this piece of gear in an already stressful situation.

Always test your gear.

Mistake #6: Telling Others Your Preps

Rogue Preparedness does not talk about some of her preps on YouTube. She's very careful when she shows exactly what preps she does have.

She thinks that it's important for people to try to keep closed lips when it comes to the amount of preps that you have or just any preps that you have because you don’t know who’s listening and who might take advantage of that.

Mistake #7: Not Calculating

People will have all this food and water storage, but without having a thorough understanding of how much they will need per day and for how many days or weeks.

They’re just kind of saying, okay, well, I know I need food, I know I need water so I’m just going to get a bunch of it.

But you don’t know if you’re really getting enough food and water.

You also don’t know if you’re getting enough toilet paper.

You don’t know because you’re not calculating enough.

Start calculating stuff out and determine exactly how much water you use on a daily basis, how much you actually consume or how much food could you not consume during an emergency disaster if you had to ration.

Calculating is essential in order to properly prep.

While we are big believers in over prepping in some areas, we do want to make sure that we actually have enough before we can get to that over prepping stage.

Mistake #8: Just Simply Not Prepping at All

A lot of preppers don’t end up doing any real prepping because it’s too overwhelming, too much information, too many YouTube videos, and there are too many books.

We understand. It’s information overload because of the internet.

We get it. But we think that you should take one area, say okay, I want to get started with my food and water storage.

Let’s just say I’m going to focus on that.

Let me learn as much as I can about it and then I’m just going to get started and that’s it.

That’s all you do.

Don’t get overwhelmed.

Don’t say there’s so much to learn, I’m never going to be as prepared as that person there.

Don’t think like that, okay?

The best thing that you can do for yourself is simply pick an area that you want to start with and start.

Everything else will slowly fall into place.


Those are just a few common prepper mistakes.

If you have some things to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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