Two Dalmatian Dogs Adopt 5 Cute Kittens

We all have accepted the fact that cats and dogs don't go along and always assume that they never get along. But, we have also already seen lots of cat-and-dog friends everywhere. These two Dalmatian dogs and their five adopted cute kittens are another item that will surely warm your hearts.

Louie and Lady still do not have a litter to call their own but in the mean time, they spend their time fostering five little kittens. The kittens can barely walk and and all they can do for now is cuddle and play, climb, claw, and bite on whatever they can get their teeth and paws on.

The two lovely dalmatian couple seem to not mind and instead nurture the kittens like dog parents would do to their litter. They are literally maintaining a kitten day care and both seem to enjoy the kittens' company. The kittens also seem to be having a great time while being fondled by their 'mom and dad.'

Watch this heartwarming video and make sure not to go 'Awwww...' too loud.

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