Korean Woman Saves Over 200 Puppies

Several countries in Asia treat dogs kinda differently. They either pet them or eat them. South Korea is one of these countries. However, not all people in this country would prefer to have dogs as their lunch or dinner, including an old caring woman who has saved over 200 puppies from the slaughterhouse.

A 61-year old woman named Jung Myoung Sook made news when her "odd" treatment of dogs because instead of having them butchered for breakfast, she takes them under her care. Jung has been doing this for quite some time now, 26 years to be exact, but she is getting recognition for the good deed only recently.

Often she would pick up stray puppies or buy those that are being sold to restaurants or dog meat farms. Also, Jung has great respect for animal rights but her previous neighbors felt violated due to noise her adopted pups made. In fact, she has been evicted seven times for it.

Not only is her habit being questioned but also her resources. How is she able to feed hundreds of puppies with a small income she earns from working at a cleaning shop and collecting boxes? According to Jung, she spends about £1,000 each month on medicine and food. However, she also receives donation such as dog food, soy milk, pork, and canned meat. Sometimes, strangers, friends, and family sends her money. Her puppies look well-fed and healthy, as confirmed by the Associated Press staff who visited Jung.  

Most of the dogs live with her full time and she says she spends about £1,000 a month on food and medicine, but otherwise relies on donations of soybean milk, pork, dog food and canned meat to surivive. Family, friends and sometimes strangers send her money.

Jung said: Some people talk about me, saying, ‘Why is that beggar-like middle-aged woman smiling all the time,’ but I just focus on feeding my babies. I’m happy and healthy.

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