An Unlikely Friendship Between A Monkey And A Puppy

The world has seen a number of unlikely friendships between two different animal species but such kinds of companionship never cease to amaze us. The friendship between a monkey and a stray puppy is no exception.

In Rode India, a rhesus macaque monkey captured the hearts of locals when it saved a puppy from a stray dog, like a parent would protect her child from harm. After finding the act noble of the monkey, people around the neighborhood started returning the favor by giving both food to eat every day. The people realized how compassionate the monkey is with the dog when he let the puppy eat first, even feeding it.

Since the incident, the two have been inseparable. The monkey protects, feeds, and cares for the puppy as if it were her own. She carries the puppy everywhere and the puppy seems to be liking the tandem as well.

“Their undying affection gives us a valuable lesson about relationships,” says Zee News, talk about "unconditional love" and "love knows no species."

To this day, the pair remains inseparable spending days together as the unlikely friends or mom and child and the people continues to give out food for them.    

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