Concerned Man Beats A Bitter Ex-Boyfriend After Beating His Ex-Girlfriend's Dog

“If I could have found my pliers, I would have twisted his scrotum off too.” These are the words that came out of a man so angry that an innocent dog had to suffer an undue violence. But his anger did end with a few threatening lines. Before this, he had already took it out on the man responsible for the poor dog's suffering.   

Tom-Jan Hüsch is a bitter man dumped by his girlfriend. He was mad enough at his girlfriend that he took revenge on her by attacking and beating him the dog to death. His girlfriend gave him the dog as a gift when they were still together.

Out of anger, he started punching and hitting the defenseless dog violently. To make matters worse, he also decided to film the incident and post it on Facebook. The video quickly went viral and caught the attention of a concerned man.

The man, named Josef Guldschmitt was bent on giving the poor dog justice, so he tracked down Hüsch and beat him up once he found him. To get even, Guldschmitt also filmed the beating and reminded people that Germany does tolerate annual cruelty.

No charges have been filed against Guldschmitt pertaining to the beating as of press time.

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