Chinese Millionaire Spend All His Fortune Saving Dogs

They always say, 'Spend your money wisely..." When a former Chinese millionaire did what seemed to be the opposite of this mantra, it melted many people's hearts; this sent other eyebrows into orbit.

Here's the story: Wang Yan, a 29-year old Chinese, once lived the life of the rich and famous, before he went broke for saving dogs' lives. What drove him to purchase a slaughterhouse and turn it into a shelter for dogs was his lost pet pooch.

In 2012, his pet pooch that he loved so much went missing. He set out to find his friend in all places possible for days but to no avail. A friend finally suggested he tried the slaughterhouse and he did. Although he found no signs of his pet pooch after a week of coming back, he was exposed to horrible sights of butchery unfortunate dogs who were captured to be sold in the market.

It was too morbid for Wang that he could not shake it off. The experience moved Wang in a profound way that he decided to spend his fortune to buy the slaughterhouse and convert it into a dog shelter. He did this in hopes of saving stray pets from slaughter.

Wang and company were able to save up to a thousand stray dogs from the street and put them up for adoption. Currently, there are only 215 dogs left at the shelter waiting to find a permanent and loving home. In order to support the shelter and the dogs' needs, Wang financed it out of his own pocket and even going into debt when resources were no longer available.

What worries Wang is the winter. But he never loses hope. Somehow he knows that people with golden heart will come forward to donate supplies to help support the dogs and build the shelter better. "I do not accept monetary donations," says Wang, who seem to be assuring sponsors that their donations will be used for a good cause.

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