This Puppy Was Chained To A Tree, Starving, And Barely Alive When Rescue Came

Social has become so powerful nowadays that it can make or break almost anything. It also holds enough power to kill or save a life, let alone a starving dog's life.

In Jackson, Mississippi, a starving dog is a rare discovery, which was why when a stranger caught sight of an emaciated puppy chained to a tree, he took a picture and posted it on Facebook.

The poor puppy obviously needed immediate help and rescue from its abusive owners. Once the photo was posted, it began circulating on social media. The post intended to alert locals and the police that an animal abuse was in progress.

The Facebook post reached the Jackson Police Department and immediately responded. The said authorities expressed its gratitude to all who participated and informed everyone that the dog has been successfully taken into their custody.

The response also said that the dog was already given the necessary veterinary care, while an investigation is being conducted concerning the puppy's owner.

The puppy is now safe and recovering in an animal hospital but everyone is hoping she finds a new family that will truly give her the love and pampering that she needs. After such tragedy. this puppy needs a new set of memories to drown out this tragedy. And hopefully, these new memories will all be happy ones and full of love.

There are several lessons to be learned here:

  • Love your dogs
  • When a dog (or human) needs help, help
  • Use social media for a good cause and post more stuff that need attention


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