5 AWESOME Sweatshirts for Yorkie Lovers!

Are you a fan of sweatshirts? What about a dog? Yorkie to be specific? If you answered 'yes' to all these, the you are in for a treat.

Fall has just arrived. The winter snow is just a few months away. The sky is starting to breathe cool winds and everyone already starts to feel chilly even under the bright sunshine. This is the best time to gear up with style.

And what better way to greet the upcoming cold season but with a stylish hoodie sweatshirt oozing with attitude and utter love for Yorkies. These five hoodie designs are designed especially for passionate Yorkshire Terrier lovers who want to beat the cold or even the heat and at the same time send the world a message: "Yorkies are the most awesome of all dog breeds, but so is my sweatshirt!"

Yorkies Are Angels With Tails

Angels are real but they don't have to have wings. Sometimes they walk in two feet; sometimes in four. Dogs are indeed angels and those who own a yorkie would find this fitting. This hoodies design comes in six colors -- black, red, purple, navy blue, forest green, and grey.

Yorkies Are Just Funny Little Kids

Kids and dogs go along very well. Some days dogs are like little kids that want to do nothing but play and mess around. If you agree, you should get this sweatshirt that says exactly just that.

Yorkies Are The Best Friends, They Pass No Judgements

Just like the rest of the dog breeds, yorkies can be the bestest best friend ever. They are the last creature on Earth to judge their humans because to love unconditionally is their nature.

Yorkies Leave Paw Prints On Our Hearts

Don't they always? As a dog lover, you know how one small yorkie can impact your life in a positive way. Jesus leave footsteps on our hearts. Dogs leave paw prints and they remain there for the rest of time. Once a dog lover, always a dog lover.

At My Age, A Hot Date Is A Bottle Of Wine, A Chick Flick, And My Yorkie

While people party, you may be at home spending quality time with your yorkie and you are not ashamed of it. So, this hip hoodie will be the right design for you, no matter your age. While it insinuates this is for the not-so-young crowd, yorkies will always be the hottest date to have on a weekday or a weekend regardless of age.

All designs come in six colors: red, black, purple, navy blue, forest green, and medium grey. It also comes in small, medium, large, and extra large to 4XL sizes.  

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