Yorkshire Terrier Dog's Story Becomes Viral -- Following Mia and Her Journey


Mia is a Yorkshire Terrier whose videos and story went viral. She took Facebook by storm and gained a following who are willing to help in any way. Mia, two years old, owes her fame to Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter.

The shelter found Mia through animal control and posted her picture on their Facebook page's Lost-and-Found section. Soon, they posted videos showing how Mia interacted with her founders when being tended to. Jennifer Earp, Metro Animal Shelter’s director, said that Mia would respond aggressively when being petted.

For members of the dog lovers community, this is a huge concern. Comments and inquiries started flooding in and the shelter furthered community involvement. Mia’s videos have gone viral, reaching 10,000 people. This inspired the shelter to post updates on Mia.

The public’s remarkable reception of Mia’s story also put emphasis on the shelter’s way of dealing with aggressive dogs. The famous Yorkie’s case enhanced transparency in terms of the process they go through with dogs like Mia. It came with a duty of determining the level of a dog’s aggressiveness as well identifying the factors that affect this behavior. This will help them assess whether the dog can be safely adopted by interested parties.

Says Earp: “It’s all a case by case basis. We help every animal we can. I can’t tell you how many overtime hours a lot of our staff puts in, but not knowing that it’s important for the community to understand it all, so they’re not left with these assumptions.”

Fortunately, Mia’s aggressiveness has subsided and the public people who have been following her videos felt happy for the Yorkie. As time went, Mia turned from a hostile rescue dog into a lovable lap dog. Earp has developed a friendship with Mia that it saddened her to see her go. But of course, Earp is happy at the same time about Mia’s transformation and being put in a foster-adoption situation. This means a happy ending not only for Mia but also the shelter and the people that cheered for their beloved Yorkie.

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