10 Cutest Dog Outfits For 2015!

Halloween is one of the most anticipated occasions all over the world. Lots of exciting things happen during this season, the most interesting of which are trick or treat and costume parties. In fact, costume parties is probably an event people look forward to the most. For passionate dog lovers, this is the time when they can flaunt their pets’ cuteness through adorable dog costumes. Dogs can party, too!

For doting pet owners though, choosing the best dog costumes can be a daunting task. To help you out, here are a few ideas:

Rubies Costume Teen Titans Robin Pet Costume

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Robin is such an underrated superhero. Now is the time to let him shine. Turn your dog into Batman’s right hand through this comfortable Robin costume, equipped with a detachable eye mask and a cape. This would fit perfectly in your Jack Russel Terrier, Maltese, Pug, French Bulldog, or Boston Terrier.

Animal Planet Peacock Dog Costume

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Halloween is the best time to turn your dog into anything, like a peacock! With this multi-color Peacock dog costume by Animal Planet, your dog will surely add color to the party. The costume comes with a headpiece and printed eyes and peacock tail to complete the ensemble.

Rasta Imposta Under Dog Costume

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If dogs have their own superheroes, it would be Under Dog. So let your small one enjoy the limelight with an Under Dog costume, which comes with a cape an shirt. The costumes fits dogs that are up to 23 pounds. The iconic red and blue color will surely make your dog the center of attention.

Rubies Costume Classic Movie Monsters Collection Dracula Pet Costume

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Dracula? Sure! Give your dog the perfect Halloween vibe by slipping him into a nice Dracula costume by Rubies Costume. The costume is a complete package of cape, headpiece, shirt, medallion, and a set of fang. Size vary from small to extra large. Also available is a Frankenstein costume if you are in for some all-out scare.

Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume - Ewok Dog Costume

Click here to get the Stars Wars: Ewok Dog Costume!

Fans of Star Wars will surely love this timely Halloween get-up for their dogs. An Ewok costume is definitely the perfect way to pay tribute to the legendary flick. This costume is a complete set of dog jacket, Ewok ears, and a headpiece. Your Chihuahua, Australian Terrier, Poodle, or Pomeranian will look really cute in this.

Halloween Pumpkin Glitter Dog Costume with Tutu

Click here to get the Pumpkin Costume!

Match the occasion with this pumpkin glitter costume with cute tutu accent. The design is simple enough to give your dog the comfort. The costume is also versatile that it fits small sized dogs or even cats.

Captain America Dog Costume

Click here to get the Captain America Dog Costume

Anyone who loves the Avengers will find this Captain America costume cute and hilarious. Complete with two leg holes and a Captain America shield, this costume will surely add fun to the lot! Use it for Halloween, Christmas, or New Year, it never goes out of fashion!

Rasta Imposta Tootsie Roll Dog Costume

Click here to get the Dog Tootsie Roll Costume

Kids love trick-or-treat. They would love it more if you could turn your dog into a cute little treat, something these cuties have always craved. You can make it possible by donning them with this sweet Tootsie Roll costume. It’s simple yet adorable on your dog.

Pirate Dog Costume - Limited Edition

Click here to get the Dog Pirate Costume

This limited edition Pirate Dog costume will keep your dogs in the limelight, what with its cute overall complete with a vest, Velcro neckpiece, hook, and pirate cap. The pirate hat also has a Velcro strap so it stays in place.

Batman Halloween Costume

Click here to get the Batman Dog Costume

Any costume party won’t be complete without the Cape Crusader. This Batman dog costume comes in jumpsuit style made of soft flannel fleece. You don’t have to worry about your dog’s comfort. Because it is machine washable, you can keep it for the next party! This costume best suits Chihnuahua, Poodle, Cup Poodle, Pomeranian, Yourkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel, and similar sized dogs.

Halloween is only a month away. Better get your dog costumes ready! Make sure to choose the right size for your dog to avoid hassles.

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